Meister Eckhart Divinity School

An Educational Institute For Ministry, Personal Growth And Religious Degree Or Certificate Programs

Welcome to Meister Eckhart Divinity School. It is our prayer and wish that you will find a program to which you feel called and that will suit your needs.

On this web site, we hope you will find all necessary information that will help you to enroll. Should you have any question or wish to discuss your aspirations, please feel free to email us via the contact tab.

Our divinity school has designed all programs whereby each student can progress at their own pace, at home and without having to leave a job, while still receiving the quality education and training always wanted. The method used at our school has been proven effective in training men and women for holy orders, religious teaching, pastoral counseling, the ministry  —  or simply for personal growth, such as our Health and Fitness program. Meister Eckhart Divinity School is accredited under church supervision


Meister Eckhart Divinity School is an open and accepting institute. It is not an Orthodox seminary, though students may obtain a degree in Orthodox theology. This school neither supports nor participates in discrimination on the basis of skin color, religion, ethnic origin, orientation, nationality, class, marital status, gender or physical condition.

Samples Of What People Are Saying

"For potential students who are looking for mystical and progressive studies, this institution is making a fine start with its lineup of staff and faculty."

(Father Tom Roberts, Catholic priest, Idaho)

"I visited your divinity school website and am impressed with the detail and comprehensiveness of the programs that you have so far described. Your stance of separation between church and state, described on your accreditation page, was especially well expressed and noteworthy… additionally, you also emphasized the idea of taking courses and receiving training offered by the divinity school simply for personal development. That's great!"

(Paul Cooper, Zen Master, Pennsylvania)

"This looks wonderful … I am truly impressed with what you are offering here."

(Rt. Rev. Mansell Gillmore, Episcopal bishop, Texas)