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St. Elias School of Orthodox Theology

St. Elias School of Orthodox Theology was founded in 1992 by H.G. Bishop Seraphim (Hill) of the Canonical Old Orthodox Synod in America. The first Dean of the newly established seminary was Fr. Michael Melchizedek, who later became a bishop of the Greek Orthodox Old Calendar Church (G.O.X.) and succeeded the retiring Bishop Seraphim. When the Greek Orthodox Eparchy of Nebraska  took over the fledgling School, Bishop Melchizedek continued to work as the Dean of the School and brought it to international academic standards and accreditation. Unfortunately, the School deteriorated under Bishop Melchizedek's successor (of the Eparchy of Nebraska), who moved it to the East coast and changed its name. 

Eventually, Meister Eckhart Divinity School made St. Elias School of Orthodox Theology a subsidiary by continuing its mission with the blessing of the meanwhile elevated bishop, Metropolitan Melchizedek of the Greek Orthodox Church of Epirus.  Thus, students are able to enroll in a full theological program of Orthodox Theology for whatever interest, vocation or jurisdiction they need their Degree. 

Religious Degrees In Theology

Undergraduate Degree:  Diploma in Theology (Dipl.Theol.).    -   This is equivalent to a Bachelor's  Degree in Theology.

Graduate Degree:  Licentiate in Theology (STL) [Thesis required]   -   This is equivalent to a Master's Degree in Theology, usually a prerequisite for ordination.

Doctoral Degree:  Doctorate of Divinity (DD) or Doctorate of  Canon Law (JCD)  [Dissertation required]   -   These are a Doctoral Degrees in Theology, usually  required to teach at seminary and divinity schools.