Tai Chi Yian Academy

The Tai Chi Yian Academy (TCYA) operates independently under the auspices of Meister Eckhart Divinity School as a program entity.  

TCYA only teaches Tai Chi for fitness and better heath. 

The Academy certifies students who have become Tai Chi instructors. 

Being part of a Divinity School, TCYA students thus achieve additional credibility. 

What does “certified" mean?

No one solely owns or regulates the ancient and modern practices of Tai Chi. Hence, neither is there one particular school or institution, from which to receive certification that would then be accepted universally. Consequently, many Tai Chi schools or branches offer their own certification and award process.


Becoming An Instructor  

Qualified instructors have dedicated their lives to the Tai Chi Yiàn style and help others in their practice. Becoming a Tai Chi instructor takes commitment and many hours of training. Maintaining an Instructor Certificate is a continuing process involving further education and periodic renewal.

All member instructors consider themselves lifelong learners. They are required to keep up-to-date with the latest policies, teaching methods and practice of Tai Chi; thus ensuring professionalism and enhanced learning.  

Instructor Privileges

Certified instructors affiliated with the Tai Chi Yian community may open a business and accredit their Tai Chi Studio with the organization. As a good practice, the Tai Chi Yian Academy conducts appropriate background checks on all qualified instructors and members. Tai Chi studios themselves are held to place a high priority on protecting the safety of their students and to act in the utmost professional manner in running their business.

Licensing, Training And Credentialing

In the United States, people do not have to be health professionals nor be licensed to practice or teach Tai Chi, as it is not regulated by State or Federal governments.



Certification to teach Tai Chi Yiàn must be earned, and attendance at teacher training must be consistent, sincere and focused. The emphasis during instructor training is to help candidates become successful Tai Chi Yiàn teachers. Tai Chi Yiàn instructor training is only conducted at our Academy. Training is offered once there is sufficient interest. It can be set up either individually or in small groups (6-8 students, as to ensure important personal attention). Already certified instructors may audit the training of others in order to refresh their own instruction and to provide assistance to trainees.


The primary purpose of Tai Chi Yiàn instructor training is to prepare prospective candidates to teach the Tai Chi Yiàn style with accuracy and professional integrity. Training will provide candidates with the opportunity to refine their own practice in addition to teaching techniques, didactic methods and logistics, such as finding suitable teaching environments, setting up classes, as well as giving presentations and learning teaching techniques.


The first part of training consists of a review regarding the candidate’s own practice as well as correcting possible shortfalls. Being properly prepared, instructor candidates must be aware of their own practice, in order to teach properly and effectively. It is therefore extremely important that every candidate is adequately prepared before being recommended to attend Tai Chi Yiàn teacher training. Certification process is not something to be taken lightly.

 Aims and Goals

The aim of teacher training is to help candidates become successful Tai Chi Yiàn instructors. Candidates who are properly prepared will enjoy the training and the certification process. It is our hope and goal that most students will experience their training as one of their best experiences in life. Hence, most certified Tai Chi Yiàn instructors will look back on their teacher training as a significant time of personal transformation. They will understand and embody the principles of Tai Chi and in particular Tai Chi Yiàn. This is the most significant aim of teacher training.

 Duration and Tuition

Tai Chi Yiàn instructor training may take either 7 months (accelerated) or one year (normal pace).  The curriculum is available to the student for review prior to the training seminars. Additionally, the student is held to record personal practice hours, so they may be applied towards final credits. To ensure sincerity and commitment, tuition for the training is paid per quarter upon acceptance. It does not include possible travel and accommodations expenses.

Registration Requirements

All students who wish to attend Tai Chi Yiàn instructor training should be referred by a certified teacher, who serves as a sponsor attesting to student readiness, stability and preparedness. Students interested in Tai Chi Yiàn instructor training must therefore contact a certified Tai Chi teacher to review their practice and receive helpful suggestions. This process may take any length of time, depending on the skill and stability level of the student. Only if both, the sponsoring teacher and the trainer, are in agreement that a student is capable and ready to proceed with instructor training, he or she can be accepted as teaching candidate.

Instructor training consists of four workshops (one per quarter or compacted every other month), which are intended for those who have been practicing Tai Chi regularly and either wish to explore more in-depth practice or who aim for becoming a certified instructor.

Practitioners are dedicated to their practice and like to help others in learning Tai Chi. There is no obligation to become an instructor by attending any or all of these training seminars.

Training seminars and workshops, including tuition and enrollment details, will be announced through our media outlets.